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National Center for Race Amity (NCRA) programs promote insight and understanding of the moral and scientific truths that humankind is innately equal. The Center develops forums and initiatives to advance cross-racial and cross-cultural amity that impact the public discourse on race. The NCRA overall mission has the cultivation of race amity as its key tool as well as its end goal in advancing access, equity, social justice and unity.  Read more…

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An American Story: Race Amity and
“The Other Tradition”


The perspective of “The Other Tradition” is that in America’s racial history the dominant tradition of racism has always had a parallel moral counterweight that promoted access, equity, and social justice. This moral counterweight holds at its core humanistic and spiritual values accentuated by amity and close cross-racial/cross-cultural collaboration which in contrast to racism is “The Other Tradition.”

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Race Amity Day
Annually 2nd Sunday in June

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New, Extended 2015 Conference Dates:

Thursday, November 19 – Saturday, November 21

Discourses on Race Amity